The most straightforward salon management system ever created to track your income and activities.

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Admin Panel

On Admin Dashboard, the Owner can see an overview of sales, payments, expenses, and profit. Admin can see today’s sales and today’s expenses on this dashboard, this will help him keep track of daily income.

Admin can see today’s payments overview, where payments will be categorized by different payment methods. This will help him to track daily income and tally it across different bank accounts linked with payment methods.

Gross profit will be calculated by a simple formula of Total Monthly sales – Total monthly expense.

Admin can also see what activities took place by whom (Artist or staff member) at the shop. e.g. Sameer has provided shaving service to 1 customer as shown in the image.

Admin will get the option to visit Salon Panel directly from the dashboard, also admin can print QR code for his salon if required

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Password: 1234567

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